• MARIAM KOBERIDZE Doctor of Philology, Professor of Gori State Teaching University, Gori, Chavchavadze st., №53, 1400, Georgia,


A number of important Georgian manuscripts have been preserved in various libraries and museums around the world. Aleksandre Khakhanashvili has made a great contribution to the collection, publication and promotion of Georgian manuscripts and archival materials.

This article refers to five Georgian manuscripts preserved in the British Museum (London), which were described and published by Aleksandre Khakhanashvili in 1905 in Georgian and in 1913 in Russian. The research is based on scientific literature, archival materials of press and archival materials reflecting Aleksandre Khakhanashvili’s work. The work is noteworthy for the study of the history of Georgian culture and manuscripts.  

The manuscripts described by Aleksandre Khakhanashvili are: "The Lives of the Holy Fathers"; "The Hymns of the Virgin", "The Prayer-Book", “Davitni” (“The Psalms of David") and the magazine "Musha" (“Worker”). 

"The Lives of the Holy Fathers” describes the life and work of eminent religious figures of the III-VIII centuries, represents 369 pages made in Khutsuri on leather and contains works on the life of the Twelve Holy Fathers. It is clear from the lives of the Holy Fathers - "Stephen and Nikon" that the collection was translated by the order of Father John in the Lavra of Saba from a person whose contemporaries are named famous church figures: George, Michael, Saba and Arsen. Zarzma Monastery is mentioned in the text.

In 1975, the text of "The Lives of the Holy Fathers" was published, annexed the research and dictionary by the famous linguist Vakhtang Imnaishvili. In the paper we will focus on the relation of the manuscript described by Aleksandre Khakhanashvili with the manuscript published by Vakhtang Imnaishvili.

The manuscript dates back to the X-XI centuries and belongs to a rare number of Georgian manuscripts of the Jerusalem cycle. This manuscript was purchased by the museum on November 11, 1837.

The manuscript "Hymns of the Virgin" was rewritten in the X-XI centuries, on leather, in Khutsuri letters and belongs to the Georgian library of Jerusalem.

The manuscript "Prayer Book" is made in Khutsuri letters on paper and belongs to the XVI-XVII centuries. The manuscript “Davitni” (“Psalms of David") is written on paper in Khutsuri letters and belongs to the XVII century.

The fifth manuscript of the magazine “Musha” ("Worker") (original) was published in Tbilisi in 1889-1891: four issues were published in 1889, four issues in 1890 and only two issues in 1891. This magazine was dedicated to the museum on February 10, 1898 by the famous politican Varlam Cherkezishvili.


Key words: Aleksandre Khakhanashvili, Georgian Manuscripts in Britain, The lives of the Fathers, The Hymns of the Virgin, The Prayer-Book, “Davitni” (“The Psalms of David") , "Musha" (“Worker”).