• ALEKSANDRE MGEBRISHVILI Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor of Gori State University, Gori, Chavchavadze st., №53, 1400, Georgia


Vasil Basishvili briefly appeared in the literary scene of Tskhinvali region at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. He was born in village Kheti. His father was a teacher and a dyachok of the same village, and his mother was Natalia Titvinidze, a well-educated woman at that time. A school-aged Vasil was taken to live with his aunt in Gori. He studied at the theological seminary of Gori, which he graduated with honors and without exams, with the funding of the state. He was enrolled in Tbilisi Theological Seminary. At that time, his mother died. This fact caused tremendous pain to young Vasil.

According to the description of the contemporaries, he was: mild-mannered, with a loving heart, fond of learning, humble with the little ones and an observant talker with the adults.

He graduated from Tbilisi Theological Seminary with a first degree diploma and started preparing to continue his studies abroad. Lack of funds prevented the fulfillment of the intention. During this temporary interruption, he starts working in Gori, in the position of an educator.

  1. Basishvili started his work in "Iveria", "Tsnobis Purtseli", Illustrated addition of “Tsnobis Purtseli” . His short stories and journalistic texts were published under the pseudonym "Basil". Later he continues his studies at Yuriev University.

Unfortunately, V. Basishvili was not around on the literary arena for a long time. He did not even finish the university, he was only a 3rd year student at the time of his tragic death.

Naturally, at such a young age, it would be impossible to achieve much, but in his form, an undoubtedly talented writer and publicist flashed like a meteor in the creative sky of the Tskhinvali region. The main idea of V. Basishvili's several publications is to bring the importance of education to the fore and popularize it.

  1. Basishvili believes in the religious authorities in the country, looks at the future with the eyes of hope and believes that all problems in this direction will become a thing of the past.

In addition, V. Basishvili selflessly defends all those Georgian students who have gone to other higher educational institutions in Russia and abroad to receive education.

In addition to educational issues, V. Basishvili's keen eye does not overlook other existential problems from everyday life.

Interesting artistic texts of V. Basishvili were printed in the central periodical press of that time.

With his death, the cultural potential of the Tskhinvali region was deprived of a writer, publicist and public figure with a highly intelligent, independent talent.


Key words: Georgian-Ossian, Tskhinvali, literature, journalism.