In june 1920, the population of the whole Batumi district welcomed the return of Batumi district to the Democratic Repblic of Georgia with a great enthusiasm. The Georgian army was happily greeted by the population during its march. The delegation of “Liberation Organization of Muslim Georgia” met the army at Bartskhana and congratulated this significant victory on behalf of the whole populations. Memed Abashidze, Jemal Kikava, Mukhamed Tsulukidze and others greeted the army on behalf of delegation. There was a festive mood in the city. A music was playing. Was a real solemnity. In boulard was held a great walk, in which participated a whole population of the city. Meetings were held, where orators were happily speaking about this notable event. It is noteworthy that the meeting was held on the square of Azizie (current Freedom square). Davit Mikeladze delivered a speech about the huge suffer undergone by local population during its long history, despite attempts of conquerors to remove this region from its homeland Georgia, local population did not loose ethnicity, endured massacre, raids, troubles and returned this old Georgian region to its homeland again. In this festival were participating British William Sylvester and Jim Hart. They were surprised by this situation, because, according to William Sylvester, despite the fact that the Batumi district had not been part of Georgia for a long time and the local population was not Christian, they were celebrating this day as a real holiday. And Jim Hart even noted: “I do not know what should have happened here to cause such excitement and celebration among the locals, as it was caused by returning to Georgia”. This real public celebration lasted almost one week. People were given a hope. Everyone was cheerful and happy. Famous social-democrat Benia Chkhikvishili was signed as a special commissioner of Batumi district. He had a large authority over the local party organizations. Upon his arrival in Batumi, he raised the issue of the organization of management board of Batumi. For that purpose, he convened the meeting, Where a discussion was held about methods, which should be used in local management. First, the style of governance introduced by England was needed to be changed. A special attention was paid on Batumi city. It was decided that a city council schould be established to govern Batumi, the city would be headed by Mouravi, accountable to city council.

 Key words: Batumi district to the Democratic Repblic of Georgia; organization of Muslim  Georgia; social-democrat; The city would be headed by Mouravi;

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