• Giorgi Sosiashvili Doctor of History, Professor of Gori State Teaching University, Gori, Chavchavadze st., #53, 1400, Georgia, http://orcid.org/0000-0002-2406-8662
  • Ioseb Alimbarashvili Doctor of History, Associate Professor of Gori State Teaching University, Gori, Chavchavadze st., #53, 1400, Georgia, http://orcid.org/0000-0002-0347-1815


Little Liakhvi gorge has been inhabited since ancient times. Eneolithic period tombs have been excavated in Tkviavi and Prisi. In the lower part of the valley, in historical sources, it was called Korditiriko gorge, the middle part of it was Kurbiti and the upper part was Satskhumeti. A large part of the Patara Liakhvi gorge belonged to the Tbeli family during the pre-feudal period, which is confirmed by the temples built by the representatives of the mentioned families in many villages of the gorge. In some villages of Patara Liakhvi gorge, the Pavlenishvilis had estates, one of whose ancestors lived in the village of Zemo Nikozi. Villages in the upper part of Patara Liakhvi gorge e.g. Savakhtango-included and was a princely estate. A little later, the influence of the Ksani nobility spread in the mentioned valley and most of the villages of the valley became their property. Apart from the Ksani eristavs, the Georgian Patriarchate has had its estates in the gorge since ancient times. It should be noted that at the foot of one of the tributaries of the river Patara Liakhvi, the Athos Vatopedi Monastery had its “Metoki” (owned estate) rival on the shore. Nearby, in the village of Beloti, there was a Persian-style palace of the Ksani nobility, and later, after the abolition of the Ksani nobility, Yulon Erekle's son settled in the village and Beloti became one of the most powerful centers ofeducation. After the August 2008 war, the Russian government built military bases on the occupied Georgian territory. The traces of Georgian life are falling apart day by day, unique monuments of Georgian architecture are being destroyed. The onomastic units in the Patara Liakhvi gorge are being purposefully remodeled and renamed, which serves the purpose of  falsifying the history. Many "papers" are written in this spirit, which is an integral part of the information war against Georgia.

Keywords: Little Liakhvi gorge, Savakhtango, Pavlenishvili, occupied Georgian territory, King Erekle, Yulon Erekle's son.