• DAVIT SHAVIANIDZE Doctor of history, Ethnologist, Associated professor of Akaki Tsereteli State University, Associated professor of Kutaisi University


We will discuss the self-consciousness of Georgians, the meaning of life based on the fountainhead epitaphs reflecting the economic, socio-cultural rules, professional characteristics of individuals, communities, societies, and ethnos in general.

The paper is presented in two parts: 1) the meaning of life of the deceased, expressed in the manner of burial of dead, the need for respect; 2) Do not call death the passing.  

The annalistic-descriptive studies, mostly conducted on the epitaphs of second half of the 19th century and the 20th century, revealed: a. Knowledge of cultural and social rules, values, experienced and traditionally provided in the time of ethnos, understanding of the transient world is the identity of Georgian; B. The ethnic sign of Georgians was the orthodox belief/philanthropy of life, the service of the Good; C. Turning benevolent belief into profession, living ready to move to enter Heaven for eternal life, is a sign of national cultural-religiousness, it is a manifestation of consciousness and level of culture from Georgians; D. Ensuring a sustainable society through "faith and Christianity" was an individual's responsibility; T. The Georgian-national, religious-traditional nature is to recognize the "communist era" as a test of a person and not to punish him, to abandon him.

The common form and rule of burial in Georgia/the "arrangement" of the grave, the epitaphs of various contents, is also a confirmation of the socio-cultural development of the modern society, and the desire of the bereaved person. Rare cases of affirmation of the will of the bereaved person are also found in the pantheons; the graves, tomb inscriptions confirm the struggle for victory of life over death, the provision of eternity by a man.

Keywords: self-consciousness; life’s philosophy; transient world; interrelation between the transient world and human being; economic, socio-cultural rule; fountainhead epitaphs; death; passing;