The Journal “ECONOMICS, BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION” represents an international, scientific, peer-reviewed electronic publication, which aims to provide the scientific society with information about latest researches in Economics, Business and Administration and in respective in sub-fields, in particular: Economics, Business Administration, Management, Finances, Banking and Insurance, Marketing, Accounting and Taxation.

On the one hand, the journal would help Georgian scholars to transfer their scientific achievements abroad, in order to popularize the, and on the other hand, it would help Georgian scientific community to get acquainted with the modern level of foreign-produced scholarly work.

The journal is established as of the decision of the academic council at Gori State Teaching University. The editorial work would be conducted by the editor, editorial board and publishing board, who are renowned Georgian and foreign scholars of the field. The journal is designated for the scholars majoring in Economics, Business and Administration and in respective in sub-fields, in particular for: academic personnel of the higher educational institutions, junior and senior researchers. The content to be published in the journal should be related to the scholarly research conducted in the abovementioned filed/sub-fields, also proceedings of the international scientific conference (Forum, Symposium, etc.,), reports of the scientific expeditions and reviews.

The journal “Economics, Business and Administration” satisfies all the requirements of the international electronic journals: it is published online; it has the support of the OJS (Open Journal Systems), is published twice a year, is a peer-reviewed and is published online. The materials published in the journal are accessible to all interested parties. Articles in the journal are published in Georgian and English languages. In the nearest future the editorial group of the journal plans to include the journal in the international databases with scientific bibliometrics.