Keywords: Sustainable Development, Green City, Priorities, Global Strategy, Tourism planning.


Taking into account almost all components of the concept of sustainable development, there are significant challenges in the field of tourism today. Less attention is paid to regional tourism destinations, in particular to the problems of its sustainability. One of the main directions of the national economic policy is the effective use of the economic potential of the regions, the creation of competitive development conditions and the achievement of sustainable development. Georgia's strategic goal is integration into European structures, it is important to make the country a high-quality, competitive tourist destination for European tourism. Just as the spending of tourists from the EU countries will positively affect the economic development of the regions of Georgia. The planning of local economic tools in the post-pandemic period puts on the agenda the harmonized use of tourism development resources, the study of its characteristics, and the promotion of sustainability issues of the tourist complex. In the paper, we tried to evaluate the possibilities of the tourist complex of the city of Gori, how compatible the current reforms are with the principles of tourism sustainability. We discussed the problems in the tourist area related to the city's vitality and economic development. We discussed the results of the project "Strengthening local economic capacity for sustainable growth" funded by the European Union. We analyzed the actual results represented by measurable statistical data at the local level, which shows the number of visitors, tourist arrival figures, visits or one-day visitors, latent demand from tourists for tourism products and supply problems. We analyzed The development of sustainable and quality-oriented tourism of the tourist complex and recommendations were made. The methodological basis of the work is qualitative research methods, analysis of qualitative textual information, processing of theoretical material of a scientific nature, logical, economic analysis - which means, on the one hand, the processing of analytical material presented in open sources, on the other hand, the development of tourism complex assessment of resources and statistical analysis.

 Key words: Sustainable Development, Green City, Priorities, Global Strategy, Tourism planning.