Keywords: Literary Translation; Translation style; Translinguistic definition; Translation Transformation; Interdisciplinary Studies.


This article deals with the essence of literary translation meant as creative phenomenon and transliguistic definition of translation style in literary translation as well. Creativeness of literary translation should be considered as interrelation of the concepts of ‘translator icon’ as well as translation style. Literary translation as creative phenomenon  is thought to be undoubtedly studied in connection with Culturology.  This cultural interpretation is clearly shown in research methodology.

The research methodology, which is derived from the objectives, is interdisciplinary. Besides this, it is also based on the data of the following disciplines: Linguistics, Literature Study, Aesthetics, Translation Theory and Culturology. Taking into consideration the data of these disciplines is very significant  while defining translation style. Linguistics is believed to have central meaning in this interdisciplinary methodology that implies the interrelation of the aspects of translinguistics and linguoculturology. In this paper the formed methodology is presented like a graphic diagram with horizontal and vertical axles. Combination of these axles seems to be very important to give us ‘Linguistic Theory of Translation, in particular, ‘The Conception of Translation Transformation’. 

In the article is also mentioned that translation, in any case, is always connected to transformation phenomenon and this phenomenon can be discussed on micro- and macro- levels.  Our goal is to create such kind of concept of translation style that will give us opportunity to confront the original and translated text and make the stylistic analysis.  According to this, we try to make the concept of translation style that  should be based, on the one hand, on the Transformation Theory, and, on the other hand, it will definitely synthesize all the transformational moments which  are discussed in this article. In this case, we can speak about the concept of translation style, that have translinguistic essence. In another words, we get the translinguistic concept of translation style.

According to the research we get the following translinguistic definition of the translation style: the stylistic features of the text which are shown in the process of the stylistic confrontation of the original and translated texts should be considered as the translation style.

 Key words: Literary Translation; Translation style; Translinguistic definition; Translation Transformation; Interdisciplinary Studies.